District 9 Huron-Perth was formed in 1972. Our members include those who work in and retire from education – including child care and early years, schools and school boards, post-secondary, private schools and more. We play a key role in helping members stay active and connected – with each other and the community.

District 9 is situated on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Neutral peoples. We recognize the Upper Canada Treaties signed in regards to this territory, including Treaty 29 and Treaty 45 1/2. We also acknowledge the urban Indigenous communities in our district.

District 9 Huron-Perth recognizes the inequities connected to colonization and commits to working towards creating a just, inclusive and vibrant community for all.

We invite our members to reflect the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action.


Members and growing

District 09 Huron-Perth President

Wilhelmina Laurie

District 09 Huron-Perth Executive

Name Role Email
Wilhelmina Laurie President / Présidence
John Herbert First vice-president / Vice-présidence
Joanne Carr Secretary / Secrétaire
Martin Bond Treasurer / Responsable de la trésorerie
Dixie Lee Arbuckle Membership coordinator / Responsable des adhésions
Catherine Hugill Goodwill coordinator / Responsable de la bienfaisance
Marcel St-Arneault Newsletter editor / Responsable de l’infolettre
Pauline Shore Health coordinator / Responsable de la santé
Wilhelmina Laurie Political advocacy coordinator / Responsable de la mobilisation politique
John Herbert Website coordinator / Responsable du site Web
Wilhelmina Laurie Corporate member 1 / Membre collectif 1
John Herbert Corporate member 2 / Membre collectif 2
Joanne Carr Alternate 1 / Substitut 1
Bruce Whitmore Alternate 2 / Substitut 2
Jean Weigand Community grants coordinator / Responsable des subventions communautaires
W Joseph Hogan Governance coordinator / Responsable de la gouvernance
John Herbert Social media coordinator / Responsable des médias sociaux
Wilhelmina Laurie RPW Organizer / Responsable APR

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